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  • A great session in a relaxed environment, helping to understand the basics of social media and how to use different avenues available. It will allow our team to better promote our business as well as adding valuable knowledge to support our customers. A hugely informative and interesting session that will prove invaluable as we move more and more into the digital age.
  • South Manchester News gives The Manchester Grammar School a fantastic forum to share the achievements of our pupils with local people living across South Manchester, Trafford and Cheshire. Our stories are presented in a clean, visually appealing way on the website and gives us a unique opportunity to share with local people what goes on at our great school. We are delighted to support the website and watch the site grow from strength to strength.

  • I wanted to let you know how amazing the Manchester Evening News article have been for driving footfall and interest in the studio. The MEN post I shared has been my most successful FB post with the most shares and even been shared by many other business,  which is fabulous. I am so glad we did this and the timing was just perfect!

  • Paul has worked with Reddish Vale Golf Club for the past three years. In that time the exposure he has given us in the press has helped us to run profitably in a very tough and competitive market. His input into our marketing efforts in the time has also been invaluable