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Bad week for newspapers and newspaper staff

Some frightening but not surprising news from the world of newspapers this week.

First the scary news – the Evening Standard in London ‘is moving to a single print edition per day and there is a proposal that long-serving sub-editors will be moved to half-days and half pay’, according to Press Gazette.

The one-edition model is not new – the Manchester Evening News is no longer an evening paper and the Lancashire Telegraph recently dropped the ‘Evening;’ from its title.

Before the takeover by Alexander Lebedev in 2009, the Standard was  paid-for title and produced five editions a day.

Papers are now prepared the day before from news uploaded to their websites, sometimes a day before that – news is not only day-old it’s already been read.

I remember in the good old days of The News in Portsmouth turning up at 7am with a paper still to write, and then rewriting it four more times as the day went on. Updates from court cases every couple of hours, breaking stories throughout the day. That was where the real fun was to be had.

Trinity Mirror has just released its annual revenue figures – no surprise that print revenues massively outstrip online; yet we are killing the golden goose.

People consumes their news differently, we know, but still love the feel of a newspaper.

I have long been an advocate for a different model from impressions and click-throughs. Advertisers should look at the value of the product rather than the number of eyes that see it – a bit like newspaper advertising.

Over in north Wales, staff at the Daily Post Wales found out there office was to become a new Lidl supermarket – via a Lidl press release.

Publisher Trinity Mirror has confirmed that the North Wales Daily Post will be moving to a new home in Colwyn Bay, five miles away from its current Llandudno Junction base, according to Hold The Front Page.