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£10,000 Vernon Jubilee Fund open for business

The Vernon Building Society has teamed up with the Stockport Express for the sixth year to give away £10,000 to good causes in the town.

The Fund – set up by the mutual building society in the Queen’s Jubilee year – has handed out more than £50,000 to community groups and charities since 2012.

Mike Hanson, chief executive of the Vernon, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up with the Stockport Express to give £10,000 to good causes.

“When we set up the Jubilee Fund in 2012, we wanted it to make a difference to groups and volunteers in the Stockport area.

“We also wanted a lasting legacy that carried on over many years.”

The Vernon is now looking for applications for this year’s fund from groups that can demonstrate that the funding will make a difference in their area and provide a lasting benefit to their community.